"Providing the biggest number of hearty belly laughs of any film on this list, Cyril Aris’  The President’s Visit  concerns a small Lebanese fishing village that’s whipped into a frenzy when a local soap maker lets it slip that the country’s leader is buying some of his artisanal soaps for his “cleansing” of the country’s corrupt political landscape. What was supposed to be a secret trip to the town turns into an all out frenzy with people going out of their way (and in some cases, outright lying) in an effort to impress the president. Aris’ cast is comedically gifted across the board, and the director can get just as much mileage out of a well timed sound effect happening in the distance as he can from the film’s sharply written dialogue and message."   - Andrew Parker, The Gate
     "The President’s Visit  is a comedy through-and-through, a farcical look at a populace intent on impressing the powerful by any means necessary, including hoarding bath soaps."   -   DEREK JACOBS , Cinema Axis
 "The President's Visit" wins the Muhr Jury Prize at the 14th Dubai International Film Festival
 The President's Visit @TIFF
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