"Providing the biggest number of hearty belly laughs of any film on this list, Cyril Aris’  The President’s Visit  concerns a small Lebanese fishing village that’s whipped into a frenzy when a local soap maker lets it slip that the country’s leader is buying some of his artisanal soaps for his “cleansing” of the country’s corrupt political landscape. What was supposed to be a secret trip to the town turns into an all out frenzy with people going out of their way (and in some cases, outright lying) in an effort to impress the president. Aris’ cast is comedically gifted across the board, and the director can get just as much mileage out of a well timed sound effect happening in the distance as he can from the film’s sharply written dialogue and message."   - Andrew Parker, The Gate
     (Translation from Italian)  "The short film uses an excellent MacGuffin to bring to light the theme for which people are willing to cling to anything to prevail over others and show themselves to the best in front of the authorities. This point is in fact one of the greatest contradictions of a society that passively accepts the daily degradation, but which seems to live thrills of moralism at the imminent prospect of an official event. The village society is a perfect cross-section of the wider Lebanese one, where the appearance becomes an effective move to win in the game of the prevalence of the ego. Naturally, the metaphor can be extended to human society in general, of any latitude and longitude. The community at the same time united and divided in the competition will inevitably come to a fight, bringing back their defects. The socio-political critique is clear in the representation of a community depicted as a flock of sheep that in adoration follow, without perhaps really understanding its meaning, the authoritarian figures. "   - Matteo Bardi (  Mediacritica Editorial Staff )
     "The President’s Visit  is a comedy through-and-through, a farcical look at a populace intent on impressing the powerful by any means necessary, including hoarding bath soaps."   -   DEREK JACOBS , Cinema Axis
 "The President's Visit" wins the Muhr Jury Prize at the 14th Dubai International Film Festival
 The President's Visit @TIFF
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